La N@ve. Villaverde

The Forum will be held at

La N@ve Calle Cifuentes, nº 5 – 28021 MADRID Tel. +34 914 803 325 WEBSITE

Thanks to its design, history and eye to the future, this building, an example of the Madrid’s industrial architecture of the 1940’s, can fully identify with the spirit and goals of the World Forum. Located in one of the city’s outlying districts, it provides a good reflection of the municipal commitment to showing, day after day, that Madrid is the result of the sum of its 21 districts, with their different and yet highly enriching demographic, geographic and social profiles.

Industrial Cultural Heritage-listed, its design bears the signature of one of the great Spanish engineers, Eduardo Torroja. Its conception as an open space allows for the combination of formulas, where the visual stands out without taking anything away from the weightiness of discussion, where thought and social participation come together, and where the varying initiatives contributing to weave the narrative of peace sought after by the Forum may both alternate and run alongside each other.

The N@ve is a response to the industrial development experienced by the Villaverde district following the post-Civil War. Once the headquarters of the Boetticher lift factory, after the company went bankrupt in the 90s, the N@ve refused to become a fixed snapshot in Madrid’s collective memory. Thanks to the rehabilitation undertaken by the City Council, today it is a centre for inspiration, education and open innovation, with which Madrid is addressing its inhabitants’ transformation of the future. The World Forum is a key factor in these efforts.

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Metro: Villaverde Bajo, Cruce (Line 3) (Santiago Amón exit).
Bus: 59, 79, N13 (where the Avenida de Andalucía crosses Calle Alcocer), 419, 421, 422, 424, 426, 429, 447, N401, N402 (on Calle Santiago Amón, 1), 18, 22, 116, 130, 432, 448 (On Calle Alcocer, 8).
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